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        The painting assembly line can be used as a transportation machinery and has been widely used in industries such as coal, grain, and flour processing plants. Can transport bulk materials and bagged materials. When users install and use such devices, they are not clear about some of the causes of malfunctions and do not have many solutions.


        There are many common causes and solutions for slippage in the production of painting assembly lines.


        1. The initial tension is too small. The place where the production line leaves the drum is not tight enough, resulting in a decrease in the production line. This situation usually occurs at startup. The solution is to adjust the tensioning device and increase the initial tension.



        2. Insufficient friction between the transmission drum and the production line leads to a decrease. The reason why most people don't like it is because the painting equipment assembly line has water or the environment is humid. The solution is to add some rosin powder to the drum. But be careful not to add it by hand, but use a blower device to blow it in to avoid personal accidents.


        3. The rear roller bearing is damaged and does not rotate, or the upper and lower roller bearings are damaged and do not rotate too much. The damage is caused by excessive tail floating and sinking. Damaged or inflexible parts are not repaired and replaced in a timely manner, which increases resistance and causes slipping.


        4. Starting too fast can cause slipping. At this point, you can start slowly. If a squirrel cage motor is used, it can be restarted after jogging twice and effectively overcome slipping.


        5. Excessive load on the production painting equipment assembly line, exceeding the motor capacity, will lead to a decrease in motor capacity. The advantage of lowering at this time is that the protection function is not affected by the motor, otherwise the motor will burn out if used for a long time. But for the surgery, it was a slip accident. To overcome the phenomenon of landslides in assembly lines and production, it is necessary to identify the cause of the landslide and take effective measures.


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