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          The principle of temperature and humidity control in the overall mobile paint spraying room


          The overall movement of the spray painting room is driven on both sides simultaneously, with dual limit control. It can move back and forth along the track laid on the ground, running smoothly. Each group of frames is connected with high-strength flame-retardant and tensile PVC cloth, which is easy to install and has a beautiful appearance. The overall mobile paint spraying room can be equipped with dry and wet exhaust gas treatment equipment to handle exhaust gases such as paint mist and polishing dust. Now, let's learn about the temperature and humidity control principle of the overall mobile paint spraying room!


          The principle of temperature and humidity control in the overall mobile paint spraying room:


          (1) The principle of humidity control is in a centralized drying room. If there is no cold air, only the hot air from the heating chamber and smoke chamber circulates inside. If cold air enters, with flexible control of the dehumidification door, as long as the size of the cold air inlet is controlled, the dehumidification door will inevitably open on its own, and the humid air in the room will be discharged. At this time, discharge through the dehumidification door.


          (2) The principle of temperature control is based on the relationship between fuel combustion and the amount of fuel and combustion air. By controlling the amount of combustion air, coal combustion, and flue gas emissions, the combustion intensity is controlled, and the temperature heating and spray chamber are controlled.


          Fresh air is sucked into the spray painting operation area from the front of the mobile spray painting room, and the airflow evenly surrounds the workpiece during spray painting. Spray paint mist will not fly out of the paint booth area. The overspray paint mist is sucked into the oil film paint mist purifier under negative pressure. It first passes through the interception and attachment of the secondary oil film, and a small amount of paint mist is separated by the oil and gas separator and discharged to meet national standards. The paint mist removal rate can reach 95%.


          Technical characteristics of the overall mobile paint spraying room



          The overall mobile paint spraying room applies technology principles such as particle impact, inertial separation, and exhaust gas filtration. It uses a uniformly flowing oil film formed by a certain mineral oil to collect paint mist. Using mineral oil as the medium for capturing paint mist solves the problem of using water as the medium in the past. The many drawbacks caused by the medium can be recycled after purification in the equipment. The purification device is designed reasonably, with obvious effects, no secondary pollution, and a long service life of the equipment.


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