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        來源:http://www.hnbjyygs.com/ 發布時間:2023-06-12
        Some irregular and bulky workpieces need to be coated using a stacking method, while the conveying production line needs to be controlled according to the process flow and automatic program of rhythm, with adjustable conveying path, speed, and rhythm. The accumulation type suspension conveying system consists of accumulation track, traction chain, load trolley, driving device, tensioning device, turnout, steel structure, emergency stop switch, and control system.
        懸掛式噴漆線提升 噴涂車間生產效率及產品品質
        Suspended spray painting line improves production efficiency and product quality in spray painting workshop
        Planning a hanging spray painting line, workpiece rotation, mass tracking of spray painting, A-grade coating quality, including leveling, surface drying processes, hanging spray painting line,
        A load car is also essential, with a rated load of ≥ 100kg. There shall be no less than 10 precision cast steel vehicle bodies, and the trolley shall be equipped with an ash tray. The load car carries the workpiece up and down the line through the traction chain conveyor system, and automatically transmits it to each workstation. The conveying system passes through paint spraying rooms, drying rooms, putty rooms, and other rooms, and the working environment is subject to paint mist, dust, or high temperature. It is required that the system operates stably and is easy to clean and clean in these environments.
        Provide movable workbenches at the spraying station, putty filling station, and putty polishing station, with a load-bearing capacity of ≥ 150kg. 5 ground equipped conveyor cars, with body specifications and dimensions (length × wide × Height mm: 1000 × one thousand × 500, the load-bearing device can rotate at a constant speed and bear a weight of 150kg.
        As a core component of the spraying production line, the spraying robot has strong compatibility and interchangeability of spraying equipment, which can achieve automatic surface oil cleaning and drying of cathode plates with different sizes of 3.2m * 2 and 1.6m * 2, surface pre-treatment of coating positions, automatic double-sided spraying, rapid drying, and automatic loading and unloading. The production line speed shall not be less than 12 blocks/hour.
        Automatic spraying equipment can achieve both manual and automatic control, ensuring safe, reliable, stable operation and low failure rate; The device can have clear Chinese alarm displays for various faults. When the device malfunctions, manual intervention can be performed to continue the subsequent work. The spraying program can be called, edited, and modified according to different product size requirements.


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