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        來源:http://www.hnbjyygs.com/ 發布時間:2023-06-19
        Telescopic mobile spray booth is a special environmentally friendly spray booth device that can automatically unfold to form a closed or semi closed spray booth during use, and can be shrunk and closed in one place when not in use. It integrates the design concept and technology of advanced dust-free spray booth, making its application range very wide. The fixed spray booth is made of rock wool colored steel plates, ensuring the safety and reliability of the booth. Painting equipment that cannot be moved and operated using two purification methods: dry paint mist filter cotton device purification and wet pump free water curtain paint mist filter purification. The advantages of telescopic mobile spray booth compared to fixed spray booth are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
        The size and utilization rate of both factories
        (1) 固定噴漆房是固定不動,這就限制了廠房的用地上不能在自由使用
        (1) The fixed spray booth is fixed and immovable, which limits the free use of the factory land
        (2) 噴砂房使用注意事項
        (2) Precautions for using sandblasting room
        We use sandblasting rooms to complete the sandblasting process. Users can use safety measures such as protective clothing to prevent impact from abrasives, and ventilation devices can provide fresh air to operators through helmets. So now many large enterprises have installed their own sandblasting rooms. Next, the editor will mainly introduce to you what precautions should be taken when using sandblasting rooms? The specific summary is as follows:
        1、 噴砂房的排風量一般略低于送風量,使其噴砂房內氣壓需處于正壓,以避免設備外面未經凈化 的空氣串入噴砂房內。
        1. The exhaust air volume of the sandblasting room is generally slightly lower than the supply air volume, so that the air pressure inside the sandblasting room needs to be at a positive pressure to prevent unprocessed air from flowing into the sandblasting room outside the equipment.
        2、 在通道式噴砂房和靜電噴砂房中應設置有自動滅火設備。若一旦發生事故,可以促使操作人員盡快脫離險境;
        2. Automatic fire suppression equipment shall be set in the channel type sand blasting room and electrostatic sand blasting room. If an accident occurs, it can prompt the operator to escape the danger as soon as possible;
        3、 在設備的整個系統中應有警報裝置,另外在手工噴涂場合也應當有配備自動噴頭和滅火器,確保工藝現場的安全。
        3. An alarm device should be installed throughout the entire system of the equipment, and automatic nozzles and fire extinguishers should also be equipped in manual spraying situations to ensure the safety of the process site.
        4、 由于噴砂房內極易被霧污染,所以在噴涂過程中每周應當進行清掃一次。
        4. Due to the high risk of fog contamination in the sandblasting room, cleaning should be carried out once a week during the spraying process.
        5、 濕式噴砂房須經常檢查清洗噴嘴、水分離器、床面等,還須定期檢查清掃排風機葉片,保持干凈。
        5. The wet sandblasting room requires regular inspection and cleaning of nozzles, water separators, bed surfaces, etc., as well as regular inspection and cleaning of exhaust fan blades to maintain cleanliness.
        6、 大型噴噴砂房的排風量大,要維持噴砂房內的氣溫處于最佳的工作范圍,同時考慮排風能否循環使用;
        6. The exhaust air volume of large sandblasting rooms is large, and it is necessary to maintain the temperature in the sandblasting room within the optimal working range, while considering whether the exhaust air can be recycled;
        7、 噴砂在專用噴砂機中進行。噴砂機用的新砂應曬干過目,清除掉砂中雜質,方可使用。
        7. Sandblasting is carried out in a dedicated sandblasting machine. The new sand used in the sandblasting machine should be dried and thoroughly cleaned of impurities before use.
        8、 噴砂用的硅砂粒度為0.5~1mm(20~40號),壓縮空氣壓強0.3~0.66Mpa(2~6公斤/厘米2)。
        8. The particle size of silicon sand used for sandblasting is 0.5-1mm (20-40 grit), and the compressed air pressure is 0.3-0.66Mpa (2-6 kg/cm2).
        9、 噴砂過程中,發現有裂紋、碰傷等質量問題要及時挑出,并上報以便及時處理。
        9. During the sandblasting process, quality issues such as cracks and bumps should be promptly identified and reported for timely resolution.
        10. 為了避免受傷,操作者操作時必須要穿戴好防護用品
        To avoid injury, operators must wear protective equipment during operation


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