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        來源:http://www.hnbjyygs.com/ 發布時間:2023-06-23
        The centralized welding smoke dust collector is mainly designed to control the large amount of harmful dust particles generated during production in industries such as mechanical processing, foundry, powder recycling, medical production, food processing, welding smoke, cutting, polishing, furniture production, etc. The processing air volume is 4000-6000m/ h. Different combinations meet the processing requirements of different air volumes and can meet the dust collection and treatment requirements of multiple processes in the production workshop. The collection methods include mobile suction arms and fixed collection covers, which reduce the escape of dust into the workshop and ensure the working environment of the workshop. It can purify a large number of dust particles suspended in the air that are harmful to the human body.
        Equipment structure composition:
        This dust collector mainly consists of front-end filtration, dust collection main box, pulse cleaning, fire screen, ash collection hopper, support frame, ash discharge device, and pulse cleaning system. Explosion proof working conditions can be equipped with explosion discharge ports; If integrated control is required, a PLC control system can be added.
        Working principle:
        Under the action of the main fan of the system, the dust containing gas enters the air box of the dust collector from the lower or side air inlet for pre-treatment, and then enters each dust removal room of the upper box from the bottom; Dust is adsorbed on the outer surface of the filter cartridge, and the filtered clean gas enters the clean air chamber of the upper box through the filter cartridge and collects at the air outlet for discharge.
        As the filtering condition continues, the dust accumulated on the outer surface of the filter cartridge will accumulate more and more, which will correspondingly increase the operating resistance of the equipment. In order to ensure the normal operation of the system, the upper limit of the resistance of the dust collector exceeds the range. The PLC pulse automatic controller sends instructions through fixed resistance or timing to carry out compressed air pulse jet cleaning.
        Product features:
        ■ 濾筒采用聚四氟乙烯材料,表面熱覆了一層纖維膜,它可以直接將粉塵阻接在濾材的表面上;
        The filter cartridge is made of polytetrafluoroethylene material, with a layer of fiber membrane coated on the surface, which can directly block the dust onto the surface of the filter material;
        ■ 濾料折褶使用,可增大過濾面積,并使除塵器結構更為緊湊;
        The use of filter material folding can increase the filtering area and make the structure of the dust collector more compact;
        ■ 與同體積除塵器相比,過濾面積相對較大,過濾風速較小,阻力??;
        Compared with the same volume dust collector, the filtering area is relatively larger, the filtering wind speed is smaller, and the resistance is small;
        ■ 除塵器清灰采用脈沖噴吹在線清灰方式,清灰過程由脈沖控制儀自動控制,組合式除塵器清灰采用分離式脈沖自動循環清灰。每個除塵室內設置多個濾筒以增加其過濾面積,當某個除塵室內濾筒滿足清灰設定要求時,即啟動噴吹裝置進行清灰,其他除塵室正常工作,即達到清灰目的,又保障除塵器正常運轉;
        The dust collector adopts a pulse injection online dust cleaning method, and the dust cleaning process is automatically controlled by a pulse control instrument. The combined dust collector uses a separate pulse automatic cycle for dust cleaning. Each dust removal room is equipped with multiple filter cartridges to increase its filtration area. When a certain dust removal room filter cartridge meets the requirements for dust removal, the spraying device is activated for dust removal, and other dust removal rooms work normally to achieve the purpose of dust removal while ensuring the normal operation of the dust collector;
        ■ 除塵效率高,且設備使用壽命長。
        High dust removal efficiency and long service life of the equipment.


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