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        Spraying equipment is a product of the development of industrial technology and the increasing prevalence of automation in the environment after the reform and opening up. With the increasing degree of automation, the application of spraying production lines is also becoming more and more widespread. The main function of spraying equipment is painting, and its downstream distribution is extremely wide. It has been applied in fields such as household appliances, daily hardware, furniture manufacturing, consumer electronics, automotive industry, aircraft and ships, and construction. With the changes and upgrades of downstream industry products, not only are there more precise requirements for coating technology, but also higher precision requirements for equipment. At the same time, it is also necessary for its components to have strong solubility.


        The spraying equipment on the current market can be divided into three types based on the degree of automation: manual spraying equipment, semi-automatic spraying equipment, and fully automatic spraying equipment.


        Automated spraying equipment is a specialized tool that can automatically cover protective or decorative layers on metal and non-metal surfaces, replacing manual operation with intelligence. Compared with traditional coatings, the spraying equipment series can save time and energy, as well as save costs and human resources for large enterprises. At the same time, in the era of rapid development of science and technology, many automation devices have gradually become popular, and many enterprises and consumers have tasted the sweetness of it. Therefore, the trend of automatic spraying equipment replacing traditional coatings is inevitable, which is also the need of the end market, the key to improving productivity and manufacturer interests.


        The main characteristics of robot automatic spraying line:



        1. Robot automatic tracking spraying, high production efficiency, uniform film thickness, stable quality, can save 30% of paint.


        2. Dust removal, painting, and drying are consistent operations that save manpower and increase production.


        3. The arrangement of work items is dense, saving space.


        4. The rotating spray painting table with medium paint is easy and fast to change colors, increasing production and reducing energy waste.


        5. Ten thousand level dust-free air supply to improve product quality.


        6. High pressure exhaust fan effectively treats exhaust gas, reduces air pollution, and ensures the quality of the working environment.


        7. The central circulating water supply system avoids slag salvage at the rear of the spray booth and saves water sources.


        8. It can adjust the spray gun stroke according to the length of the working object, with high automation and saving paint.


        9. Easy to operate, easy to maintain, and reduce production costs.


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